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Microsoft Windows® Infrastructure

General Networking

o Windows Network Design (Active Directory and Topology)

o Local and Wide area network design and implementation

o Configuration of network devices (routers, switches, appliances)

o Network analysis and troubleshooting


o Windows 2003/2008 Server maintenance and troubleshooting

o Windows Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 Domain Migrations

o Windows 2003/2008 Active Directory Design and Implementation

o Windows 2003/2008 Domain maintenance and troubleshooting

o Exchange 2003 mail organization/server maintenance and troubleshooting

o Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007/2010 Migrations

o Exchange 2007/2010 Design and implementations

Windows - Microsoft Active Directory Design & Migrations

This is an integral directory service within the Windows® Server operating system. This service improves manageability, enables security, and extends inter-operability between Windows Server and other operating systems. Interfusion Technologies services show customers how Active Directory centrally manages users, Windows clients, servers, and other network resources through a single consistent management interface, acting as the central authority for network security, migration strategies and reducing redundancy and maintenance costs. Interfusion Technologies delivers end-to-end directory solutions - from architecture and design, to implementation, migration, and training.

Digital Economy - Microsoft Exchange Implementations & Migrations

The demands of the digital economy place a heavy premium on the ability to exchange information seamlessly. This has made messaging systems the mission-critical application for today's enterprise. It has also made the task of building and maintaining a reliable messaging infrastructure one of the most important jobs of IT professionals. Microsoft® Exchange is a reliable, scalable platform with low-cost ownership and a secure, easy-to-manage infrastructure. Deploying Microsoft® Exchange results in enhanced reliability, and improves performance and scalability to meet the changing needs of your business.

In the age of ubiquitous information, it is no longer enough to simply deliver e-mail and the Internet to the client. If your company is going to react with speed and intelligence to changing demands in the marketplace, you must bridge barriers of time, distance and technology to provide every worker in your organization with real-time access to the information they need - no matter where they are. Interfusion Technologies delivers end-to-end messaging and collaboration solutions - from architecture and design, to implementation, migration, training and on-going support services.