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Server and Desktop Virtualization

An increasing number of businesses are turning to server and desktop virtualization to reduce IT costs, free up resources, better manage risks and decrease downtime.

Virtualization is breaking through the traditional "one application to one server" model making it possible to safely run several applications on one computer at the same time. By implementing a virtualization solution you’ll be able to significantly reduce your management and overhead costs as well as the amount of physical space allocated for servers, ports and floor and rack space. It also allows you to save in energy costs and capital expenses and will increase your asset utilization. With virtualization you’ll have the ability to host multiple operating systems and multiple applications both locally and remotely, freeing you from geographical restrictions.

Interfusion Technologies will assess your system, recommend changes and implement virtualization solutions. Businesses have many options for virtualization and the choice of which solution best fits with your current IT environment and business needs can be challenging. Interfusion Technologies team of certified and expreinced engineers will evaluate your environment, explore your usage of hardware and software and use proven methodologies to recommend solutions for your company. Interfusion Technologies can provide solutions for server, application and desktop virtualization to improve your business' bottom line.

Our engineers are skilled in the design and deployment of VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtualization tools. Just as each organization provides a unique set of solutions to its customers and users, so too do we provide the right solution based on your need. In some cases we may recommend VMware virtualization products; in other cases we may recommend Citrix virtualization solutions. In some instances we may actually design and implement a solution that leverages a virtual infrastructure utilizing both VMware and Citrix products.