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Content Filtering


Ask anyone who uses E-mail and they will tell you their No. 1 complaint about working online. It's spam. Spam is no longer just a nuisance -- it can seriously disrupt business communications. Spam comprises a third or more of all Internet E-mail. That means a third of the network bandwidth and a third of the disk space dedicated to holding incoming mail is essentially wasted. Network Administrators require powerful and automated solutions to significantly reduce spam and malicious content and their resulting impact on an organization's network, systems and employees.

Interfusion Technologies provides solutions that significantly reduce the bulk of spam and unsolicited mail, while limiting false positives that can contribute to the loss of valuable communications. Our anti-spam options include:

"Trend Micro's gateway-based spam protection for the enterprise. Trend Micro's spam prevention solution is a high-performance, anti-spam application within the InterScan Messaging Security Suite product, designed to block non-productive and malicious spam at the gateway.

Websense' Anti-Spam Agent provides a multileveled approach to controlling spam. Multiple layers are more likely to detect and control spam than any single method working alone. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting tools make it easy for network administrators to profile their spam vulnerabilities and responses - and to adjust company policies accordingly.

All anti-spam solutions deployed by Interfusion Technologies offer ease of administration and configuration; advanced filtering, analysis and updating capabilities; and reporting and auditing.

We offer a total solution to spam for both E-mail and web content and source -- all E-mail -- incoming, outgoing and internal.

Web/E-mail Filter

We understand that productivity is key to business success. We also know that incorporating web/E-mail filtering solutions into your network can not only help increase productivity, but can help companies avoid legal, network and security threats. Interfusion Technologies helps stop unwanted web/E-mail content, as defined by your policy.

We set up systems that can significantly reduce the risks of productivity threats, networks threats, legal threats and security threats. Deploying Websense results in dynamic web/E-mail filtering employing neural network technology to block access to questionable sites. Websense also employs the largest, most-thoroughly customizable database of high-risk web content-classified by website or by page into 40 easy-to-manage categories. Websense is flexible enough to fit any rule criteria. It gives you the information you need to make the content risk decisions that are important to your business. It offers more than 55 standard reports, an unlimited number of customized reports, plus comprehensive real-time monitoring.