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About interFusion Technologies

Interfusion Technologies is leading the shift to specialized Managed Application Services. We are a leader in providing IT management solutions. We specialize in maintaining the optimal health and fitness of enterprise applications, which allows you to reap the full benefits from your business-critical systems. We offer a unique combination of skills and value-added IT services backed by a commitment to the highest level and quality of service. Our on-demand services are packaged in flexible and cost-effective delivery models that yield a better value and return on IT investments. Interfusion Technologies leverages a stellar network of expert resources that are global in scope, yet local in customer care.

We work with industry leaders like Citrix ®, Microsoft ®, Cisco ®, Checkpoint ®, and tout industry-savvy engineers. Interfusion Technologies possesses a knowledgeable sales team to meet all of your IT needs. Interfusion Technologies' solutions and exemplary service have earned us prominent certifications and distinguished acknowledgments from both our partners and customers. Our multi-experienced, multi-talented staff has spent years at the forefront of information systems security and enterprise activities. We possess real-world experience, and understand the need for practical, "best-fit", and cost-effective solutions. We engage our clients with integrated solutions designed to maintain in-house control and increase your organization's knowledge of security and application strategies. We know each company is unique, and so are the risks they face. Instead of pre-packaged solutions, Interfusion Technologies builds systems to accommodate your company's unique technology needs.

Our Vision

We have engineered the most efficient methodology to approach and solve your IT problems. Formed with the vision of providing comprehensive IT solutions to our clients, we utilize a systematic approach to every project. Our clear focus allows us to deliver exceptional results with superior, cutting-edge technology solutions.

Our vision is dynamic, proven and tailored to specifically meet your current and evolving IT objectives. And above all, it's cost-effective and guaranteed to achieve the highest return on your IT investment. Our approach to providing you with IT solutions that meet your business needs is


At a Glance

President: Damian N. Cordovez

Founded: Interfusion Technologies was founded in 2002.